Early in our history we realized that in order to meet our own quality standards and client needs, we needed to produce our own millwork.

What is millwork?  We think of it as crafted woodwork that is not cabinetry; mouldings such as base, crown, door and window casing, stairparts, railings, spindles, brackets, corbels, beams.  You name it, we can make it.  

We have the ability to mill hundreds of different moulding profiles and produce custom profiles specifically for your project.  For remodeling projects this allows us to match the existing woodwork EXACTLY.   For new houses, our library of over 1000 knives allows architects to choose profiles consistent with the overall design intent.  We use lumber grading rules base on industry standards established by the National Hardwood Lumber Association and the Western Red Cedar Lumber Association.  Our millwork, like our cabinetry, integrates seamlessly into the overall project, offering you unparalleled design and value.  

We are wood experts.  We research wood species and joinery techniques so that we understand properties relation to stablitity, rot resistance, ability to take stains, hold paint, hardness, etc.  Many architects consult with us on wood selection for their projects, even ones we are not building.  We, in turn, take advantage of the Forest Product Laboratory USDA Forest Service, the world leader in wood science and research to help us with answers.

We often produce products from material with "chain-of-custody" documentation from the Forest Stewardship Council and other forest management programs.  We salvage, reuse, and reclaim lumber as often as possible to reduce the environmental impact of building and help preserve the forests we all share.